About Us


iLEAD Programs was founded by Ms. Terri Vega and Ms. Yamberli Cruz. The directors have over 50 years experience in education, counseling and leadership development.

Yamberli Cruz, M. Ed.

 With over 25 years of experience in the field of education, Yamberli continues to thrive and participate in exciting leadership activities and programs that connect our community with young aspiring students.  While growing up in New York, she started out as a child actor, a career that facilitated her ability to enthusiastically engage others, creating in her a passion for teaching and for speaking publicly.  Years later she began teaching in private schools while directing and owning a successful summer camp program.  In 2007, Yamberli had the privilege of being part of  a leadership team that prepared for the opening of a large middle school serving 1,500 students in grades 4-8. She assisted in managing a federal grant targeted at helping the school implement a magnet program based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In her role as Lead Teacher she has visited some of the country’s best schools, developed relationships with educational leaders, and received extensive training and certification in leadership development. Yamberli has valuable administrative experience including curriculum development, high-stakes testing, grant writing and budgeting. She led a team of teachers in aligning the school’s curriculum with leadership principles. She facilitated a design team to create four middle school leadership academies and create leadership portfolios for students to track their academic and personal goals. Working as an administrator in Miami-Dade County Public Schools has provided her with experience in school leadership and curriculum development within a large school district. Yamberli’s wide range of experience allows her the ability to tap into the core of what drives young adults and guides them in being active participants in their successful journey.  

Terri Vega, M.Psych.


Terri Vega comes to us with an extensive background in education and psychology.  Her experience in the field is evident after 30 years of wide-ranging work in the community. The main focus of her work is to empower children, families, and individuals through education, counseling, and coaching. She has helped others create healthy lifestyles from the inside out. Terri’s passion for self-improvement and helping others search for their own passion, has become her life's purpose. Her experience has allowed her to work with students of all ages. In the past, Terri has served as a Preschool Director for toddlers as well as Curriculum Director of Florida International University Summer Treatment Program for Adolescents.  Currently, Terri holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and Counseling and holds a private coaching practice where she works individually with others to help them identify and reach their desired goals.  Terri continues to serve the community through Miami-Dade County Public Schools as a Guidance Counselor and engages students in all kinds of exciting community related activities.  Assisting others in creating a winner’s mindset is the essence of her career, and has helped many achieve a more fulfilled life while living up to their true potential.